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Most people believe that this breed originated in Russia which you would think but research has discovered that it started in Persia. And was then sent through countries like Asia and Europe as an egg and meat production bird. The Orloffs were once in the APA but then later removed to the lack of interest from breeders. Today this breed is still considered rare in the west. The Orloffs are a tall gamey looking bird with a well feathered body. With its head and neck well feathered allows these birds to survive well in the cold weather. They have small walnut combs and the males can weigh about 8 pound while the hens weigh about 6. The huge Orloffs are usually very calm but some rooster can get very aggressive. And Orloff hens aren’t great egg production birds but the hens will lay light tan eggs. Almost all true Orloffs should have muffs (beards) and the Spangled Orloffs will get more spots as they age. Making this a very unique breed, you won’t find many chickens that are designed like this.